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Staying at home over the past few months has allowed us all to take a close look at our living areas. We see things we want to update, items we’d like to change and areas that need a make-over. If this is what you’re thinking this summer, let Consign Furniture help! We have a large selection of living room furniture in store, from contemporary sectionals to traditional couches. Plus coffee tables, rugs and accent pillows to polish the entire look.
And if you need to get rid of the furniture you have, consign it with us! It’s a completely safe and easy process! Details are available at

Wall Art that Speaks to You!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” When a piece of artwork speaks to you, you know it belongs in your home! Consign Furniture has a wide variety of paintings, from landscapes and still lifes to contemporary animals and western themed art. Use mirrors to increase the size of a room, or clocks to add pizzazz!.

Freshen Up your Outside

If you’re looking to purchase new items for your porch or deck, Consign Furniture has a great selection of patio furniture and chaise lounges. If you prefer to spruce up the pieces you have, check out these easy-to-do tips. Now is the time to get rid of dirt and grime for a summer of fun and relaxation!


Make your furniture sparkle by adding dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water. With a plastic brush, gently scrub outdoor tables and chairs. To whiten dingy plastic, use an all-purpose cleaner with bleach. To prevent rusting, tip furniture on its side to drain and towel dry joints.


If your covers can be machine-washed – great! If not, spot-clean them with the dishwashing liquid and water solution above, then rinse with a cloth and let dry. Apply a weather-guarding spray to help keep fabric covers from fading and staining. And don’t forget to bring them inside when it rains so they’ll stay cleaner!

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