Consigning is Safe and Easy!

If you’re thinking of redecorating or just want to replace a sofa or table, selling your old furniture on your own can be inundating. With Consign Furniture – we make the process simple! By consigning with us, you remove the risk of dealing with strangers coming to your home and the process is easy!

1. First, send us a photo of the furnishings you are looking to sell to or bring a photo to the store.

2. We will respond in a timely manner and set up a time for our professional team to come to your location to assess and pick up your home furnishings. We adhere to all CDC guidelines and our professional team will wear face masks and practice social distancing.

3. When your furnishings make it to our store, Consign Furniture will provide pricing, cleaning, marketing of your items as well as aesthetically place your furnishings in our showroom to encourage a quick sale.

4. When your furnishings sell, you will receive a check for 50% of the sale.

To see if we can consign your furnishings, call us today at 775-824-0222 or send us your photos!

New Rug for the New Year!

Area rugs add warmth and color to any room and now is the time to check out our inventory. Consign Furniture just received 200 new area rugs from Rizzy Home. All of Rizzy Home’s rugs are created using the highest quality materials. From jacquard woven fabrics to silks and signature-dyed yarn, Rizzy’s unique embellishments and custom ornamentation add richness and depth to all of the company’s exclusive products. We have all sizes, from 3×5 to 9 x12 and a variety of colors and styles.

Caring for Wood Furniture in Winter
In winter, the humidity changes in the air tend to pose more of a problem than the temperature as long as you keep your home a consistent temperature year-round. A few easy tips for protecting your wood furniture in winter include:

Keep your hardwood furniture away from direct heat sources. If your wood tables and chairs are near direct heat sources, the exposure to the heat can dry out the wood. Wood will naturally expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and drying it out too much leaves it prone to cracking and splintering.
Maintain a consistent humidity level inside your home. During the winter, 40% to 45% tends to be the ideal range. You can use a humidifier to add moisture to the air if necessary, and this will help keep your hardwood furniture healthy.
Lemon oil can be a great way to rehydrate your hardwood furniture. It can also help protect your hardwoods from sun exposure if they are positioned near windows that get lots of sunshine.

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